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Judi has completed 3 years of training in Somatic Experiencing (S.E.). S.E. is a psycho-biological trauma resolution model that is a potent method for resolving trauma symptoms and relieving chronic stress. This view of the impact of trauma on individuals greatly influences Judi's counselling approach. You can learn more about Somatic Experiencing here: 

Children have unique needs developmentally and emotionally. Play is the natural way for them to express themselves and process their inner and outer worlds. Toys and other expressive and creative mediums allow children to explore their inner experiences in a safe and developmentally appropriate manner. 


Sometimes life experiences can leave us struggling to cope with daily expectations and relationships. In addition, traumatic events can impact one's ability to function and enjoy life. Judi strives to support people to regain a sense of safety and hope in their lives. 


Working with parents and children can help families improve communication and develop healthier ways of coping with challenges.

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